Monday, September 20, 2010

when i last cry

Bismillah irrahman nirrahim....... until now I still remember those events,...... I do not think-I think that......,,, I have won so do not believe that happened against me.... But with the permission of Allah, I have success. This incident occurred when I was 19 years old ... the love story when I leave the universe in half. At that time, say just leave all the universe cannot wait to go back to their villages. This is the daily routine that is often faced by students.... prior to the universe we will leave the final exams... which will assess the extent to which learning understanding by each student.

That's what was said during the trials and challenges of being a student. Leave me a very exciting universe "could be back home" hahhahuuu "" "I think about the universe that I did not return home for two months. After that new universe, I leave back to the village site.

However, I am pleased and not do anything alone. The common assumption of a student arrested feeling, emotion, and assorted other.... huhahhee5.... further during the final examination of scared me.... at the end of the universe two exams, I took the modules and food macrobiologi, food processing and food preservation. And other modules that help the pointer was the religion of Islam, and the English curriculum.

There are many, many modules that I take it,,,.. I am very scared of food preservation module. I think the module is very difficult.... I do not know why I am so scared of the module. I still remember, during the test modules of food preservation, I did not sleep for one day... i’m very afraid that the modules, I read the book non-stop for 24 hours. That module is the most insane....
As long as I live so far, I have never been too worried, scared. I do not know why I am so,,,.... I think I have learned the best in the universe. Although the universe is very busy with a shock that so many lab report to be submitted at the lectures.

These events, I will not forget until whenever. When I think, will think it's shame. Because I am crying in the exam hall and I left right is male. At that time, I do not know what to do. My mind is empty, I cannot think of insane, I lost this assumption, I think my personal best crass. I cannot answer all the questions with the insane. I thought really empty, I was very sad.... God only knows my feelings at this time.

At that time too, I do not think of any person to be saying. I am crying huge, I could not control the emotions that I face, I feel that this module will fail me. I will repeat again this module. While answering the question paper, I have the right target, that I will fail. I had absolutely no hope of passing. I answer many empty. And even if I answer, the answer would of course one reason I answer "" "" uuuuhhhhHHHHH ""........ Very sad.....

The test, conducted on Friday. And the third paper of the four paper. At that time, the spirit I run I have no sense anymore. I am very sad, tession, fruusss!!!!!!,,,, this may be possible, I too worry so carried away to the examination hall. I do not sleep with mixed also worry. And consequently I cannot think rational and wise decisions. That was my first cry in the examination hall, a huge.

But Alhamdulillah, I have graduated and received a grade B in the module. I repeated cried with the success I have obtained. I do not think I will pass very excellent. Although the grade of B is not how, but I was very wrong for mercy, grace... I think I am the most fortunate of all, although the punishment when answering the examination, so it is not so difficult to control emotions. And I on the universal two-pointer increased compared to a universe pointer. Although it is not much but I was able to maintain the discussion "head of the award" Alhamdulillah ..... THANK YOU .... YA ALLAH SWT...........

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My biodata

Assalammualaikum name is ekin, but that's not her real name. my parents gave my name is quite beautiful and perfect that Nurul Asyikin binti Mohd Yusof. I was born in Selangor are very advanced, such as Paris ...,,, haahhaha5,, .. But it is purely imaginary. My mother gave birth in Hospital  Tg. Karang, Selangor  reef on 24hb July 1991 since then I have in this world that is visible above the earth, Malaysia. But before the presence of my mother has given birth to six people before me, a My sister and brother. I have a total of five sisters, and between them I have a twin sister of the child to the 5 and 6, and brother, I was two people.

Alhamdulillah, I have a very full family with brother, sister, niece, I think like a brother and my mother and my father just died age  17 years, the events I cannot forget that when my father left us, me being busy studying for exams is about the 2 week before Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with this certificate, I can determine which way course after school. But the sad once I blow was father in the hospital last breath. my dad actually has been suffering from kidney disease and my father would always back and forth from home to go to the hospital 3 times a week for treatment.

However, now that my eldest brother who bear responsible as the father of her siblings. nothing my brother all sisters and married and a son. But the only two people who does not marry the twin sister of the children to six and I still learn this.
hhuuuuuhahahee5 ;-) ... first child in my family is a brother of the given name eldest Rusli b. Mohd Yusof with the eye, two people, both children are girls my bother. Next to the second son of my sister Rosmah Bt. Mohd Yusof with the eye, five people, and the third child of Rujilah bt. Mohd Yusof, light eyes was has 3.  four child of Mohd Ismail Bt. Mohd Yusof who has an eye, and will have two people, and finally for the brother. My sister and married that she Faridah Bt. Mohd Yusof who has three children. My sister is a twin sister to my sister not to marry, but it will be married in front of the given name of the younger sister Siti Rokiah bt. Mohd Yusof. and lastly myself, this ...

I really like the festive season  Hari Raya Puasa as we all gathered at my house is like my heaven, who has built his own father. My house is located in Selangor, namely that of being No. 6 Jalan Temenggong, Felda Sungai Tengi, 44010 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. Here we will meet and the state at that time, my house, so hectic low for children Bring your family get there as I play in the playground while I was home. If this is my first home the only place I haven.. But now another....

Because the adult my age ..,, ?????
huu5 ... I am now known as mahasiswi, who claimed knowledge of the Polytechnic Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Kuantan, Pahang. hu5,, .. now I was here ,,... even so I never forget my hometown .. there.,  now I have become temporarily Kuantan time. I came here to study the Diploma in Food Technology are studying.. Actually, I was not very interested in science-based subject as compared mathematics and I very interested in mathematical compared in sciences ...,,, but however I will continue with this myself in the my undertakings, and in which I have received. This might be a reason behind the creation of Insya’allah....

Closed literacy, literacy has been closed, I was in the third semester of this polytechnic. has a half years I lived in the city of Kuantan this. In additionally, here I was acquainted with more people from multiple states ... in poly, the majority of all states originated in the East, also many friend here likes the east, but only few of the homeless in Selangor,
most of them originated from Terengganu and Kelantan. However it was never fade spirit for me to learn here.

Well, if measured about my niece back with 14 people in my 19 years of age.
huuu5hhahaee2... My eldest  brother two daughters, my three sisters to two men and two women, a sister to my three girls and two boys, my brother's second daughter, my sister who 5th a son and two daughters women, Overall 8 women and 6 men. Alhamdulillah my family that I really love and even though we live far apart is not the same house, we often gather and make activities each year and in my spare time such as family day, eat, eat, do not forget the feast  Tahlil reading and prayer, and other safe- more.

 this, my family but not all here.......
My eldest brother of the family, but my brother does not have near here, only his wife and children.

This family picture my eldest sister. (Rosmah)

Family but my sister's second husband is not there.

This last family of my brother, who will light the eyes of another.

This family of my twin sister was married.

This is the younger sister of my sister, and besides it is me.

This is the mother and father who love me and my loved ones without them I do not have in this world ... thank you mum and dad ... everything is you ...... ! lOV3 yOu........ ;-)